Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I want twins!"

this might be a stupid question but i really want to have do i increase my chances of having them? is there ways to do that ? or am i just being stupid and it just happens the way it's supposed to?

One response:
This is the dumbest post. Why is everyone so upset that someone actually wants twins? Twins are fun. Sure there could be complications but big farking deal. I don't get why everyone has to jump on someone who asks an innocent question because they think having twins is awesome. It is and I know several people who wish they had multiples. How NICE.How many of you used fertility treatments, looked at ways to maybe have a boy instead of a girl, wished for this and that? Come on.

I think that if anyone can claim having multiples is easy they have one too many nannies doing the job for them.

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